Ugly: A Love Poem

Love isn't pretty, because neither are people. And isn't love just two imperfect people on a pathway to a high speed collision? Ugly, complex souls beginning to navigate towards each other and then, like two meteorites, strike and burst into millions of pieces. And then they become one. But the ugliness doesn't stick, and the… Continue reading Ugly: A Love Poem

Christian · Poetry

Patterns: A Poem on Addiction

I see the patterns written in your skin Like scripted grief for all to see You sway so clearly on your feet You make promises that always end I love your soul but not Your voice It's on your breath and in your eyes It is somehow you but you are in disguise I love… Continue reading Patterns: A Poem on Addiction



No matter how scary or weird your thoughts are, tell me. I won’t have you institutionalized or get a preacher to perform an exorcism on you. Because I have weird and scary thoughts, as well. And I will not try and validate you by saying I feel the same way. Because you are an original… Continue reading Thoughts


I’m Not Okay

   I haven’t been okay for a while, but that’s okay. I know how to get by on not okay. I can survive stepping on broken glass and lit cigarettes and smiling through unbearable pain because that’s what life is.   At least to me.   Harsh, and brutal and I can’t help but feel every ounce of… Continue reading I’m Not Okay


A Dying Man’s Last Monologue

The questions we are afraid to ask are the ones that answer themselves. Life is a comedian. It has a funny way of being exactly what we are afraid of it being. We come into this world dumb and innocent, and then we grow, watching others suffer, adults crying and yelling and we grow fearful.… Continue reading A Dying Man’s Last Monologue