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A Prayer for America

A Prayer for America Pray for our country this Independence Day.  Dear Heavenly Father, I praise your sovereignty. I praise your reign over all nations. I praise you for the ultimate peace and comfort you provide for all those that love you. Today, I pray for my own country.  I ask that we would once… Continue reading A Prayer for America

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Why My Blog is Changing

1. Traffic- I have learned recently that I need to settle down on a specific niche and categorize my blog. It was hard to settle down, but the next point tells what happened next. 2. My Heart- The Lord waged battle on my heart. I wanted to do my own thing, even though I was… Continue reading Why My Blog is Changing

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5 Smart Strategies to Blocking Writer’s Block

Writer's block is a beginning novelist's biggest nightmare. Below are smart strategies to avoid the fearful block and finish your book:  1. Be Obsessed- For me, this was easy. Writing was a full-time job, so I spent all day thinking about my book. For others, there are many distractions that push your novel to the… Continue reading 5 Smart Strategies to Blocking Writer’s Block

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How Reading Ruins Your Plans

I am that person. That person that finds a good book and is immediately sucked into the world of non-stop, forget all your plans reading terror. I forget to eat, I put off sleeping, I cancel all scheduled plans until I know what happens to that one character with that devilish smirk. My friends get… Continue reading How Reading Ruins Your Plans

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5 Good Reasons Yoga is For You

Many people are hesitant about delving into the world of yoga, letting the advanced poses on Instagram and spiritual lingo deter them from a journey for the mind and body. However, yoga comes in many forms and can be whatever you make it, if you only take the time to begin. 1. It is for… Continue reading 5 Good Reasons Yoga is For You

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Courage vs. Recklessness

Two men stand on a dock stretching out over an ocean, roiling with turbulent waves and violent undercurrents. The first man watches the storm without fear, careless of its dangers, and does not consider consequences as he dives into the water. The second man sees the first struggling, drowning in the dangerous ocean, pulling him… Continue reading Courage vs. Recklessness