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Courage vs. Recklessness

Two men stand on a dock stretching out over an ocean, roiling with turbulent waves and violent undercurrents. The first man watches the storm without fear, careless of its dangers, and does not consider consequences as he dives into the water. The second man sees the first struggling, drowning in the dangerous ocean, pulling him… Continue reading Courage vs. Recklessness


A Dying Man’s Last Monologue

The questions we are afraid to ask are the ones that answer themselves. Life is a comedian. It has a funny way of being exactly what we are afraid of it being. We come into this world dumb and innocent, and then we grow, watching others suffer, adults crying and yelling and we grow fearful.… Continue reading A Dying Man’s Last Monologue


The Necessity of Art

    Changes in school systems have recently been downgrading art curriculum to boost the science studies. However, the importance and benefit of art cannot be ignored. Art may appear in the lives of students in many forms: painting, sculpting, writing, music and even advertising. There is something hypnotizing about an inspiring art work, something arresting… Continue reading The Necessity of Art


Why I Left My Camera at Home

AS A WRITER,         As a writer and adventurer, traveling incites within me an inspiring love of the Earth I inhabit, as I see and experience what I thought I could only create in my novels. I have been a self-pronounced writer since a young age, and a traveler as well, for I was a student… Continue reading Why I Left My Camera at Home


Why My Life is No Longer My Own

Part 1 of A Piece of Faith Series By: Emma Lisle Keeton I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. -Galations 2:20… Continue reading Why My Life is No Longer My Own


A Foundation For Healing

Introduction  When it comes to mental illnesses, we are too often unprepared to deal with it, and especially how to heal afterwards. Healing takes time and hardwork, but these four building blocks will help you to build a foundation for a healthier you. First block: Love Yourself The first step is  “introspection”, and this means… Continue reading A Foundation For Healing