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A Prayer for America

A Prayer for America

Pray for our country this Independence Day. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise your sovereignty.

I praise your reign over all nations.

I praise you for the ultimate peace and comfort you provide for all those that love you.

Today, I pray for my own country. 

I ask that we would once again become one nation under you for under you we find refuge and safety.

I ask that as one country we would fight for unity, and love, and peace.

I ask that we would seek good and turn away from evil things.

I pray that all Christians in America would be great examples of you, Jesus, to turn the nations hearts.

I pray that our leaders would be wise, and intelligent, and seeking you in their decisions.

I pray that your will be placed in the hearts of all our citizens, that your word be held above all else.

I pray that we would find peace amongst anguish, and be reminded of your sovereign will even when all things seem doomed.

I pray that in our independence we would find dependence on you, Father.

In all these things I pray in the King of the Universe’s name,


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