Living As A Young Christian In A Fallen World

As a young adult living in this generation, the temptations to sin are overwhelming and everywhere. Our friends and family whisper in our ears that “Everyone is doing it,” and “It’s cool,” or “Things have changed. It’s okay now”. We can easily fall into the traps of adultery and cursing and even succumb to the use of drugs and alcohol. Me? You say. Never! Well, many Christians just like you have fallen short of their own expectations and have found themselves in places they never saw themselves being. Here are five ways to live as a young Christian in a fallen world:
1. Keep Your Eyes Up- In order to not have our focus on worldly things it is obvious that we must keep it on heavenly things. However, it becomes easier and easier to get our feet stuck in the mud as we hear advertisements of happiness and comfort and wealth. We want that! Except those things are temporary and fleeting. One minute they are here and the next they are gone. Only Heavenly things are eternal and everlasting. God has even made promises of what we should expect once we arrive in Heaven with Him if we truly love and obey Him. Imagine the rewards and joy we will experience in Heaven if we only look towards our future, not our present. This is the only time it is good to keep your head in the clouds. 

2. Surround Yourselves- Before I discovered Christian radio, I listened to popular music featuring rap and pop as I drove to and from work. Even though it was only for a short time, this music filled my head with bad themes and ugly words. Soon, I saw my own mouth and mind repeating this disgusting behavior. This also applies to other entertainment, such as online or on tv and even to our relationships. Be careful who you let influence you and keep a watchful eye on the fruit the people around you are producing. Are you surrounded by bad fruit? Or spiritual, healthy fruit? Be aware of your surroundings. 

3. Keep Rooted- The best way to live biblically is to read the Bible. We all know this, but are we reading our Bibles more than blog posts? Are we repeating verses more than lyrics? Are we complying with God’s will more than our own. The only way to discern God’s will for our lives is to read His holy word. Without going to His word everyday we are acting like lost sheep, running off without any direction. Keep yourself deeply rooted in the scripture and you will blossom beautifully. 

4. Pray Constantly- Prayer is a wonderful gift for us. It is the gift of a straight connection to our Father. The gift of an intimate relationship to the holiest of holy. What a blessing! However, many of us forget about this blessed gift and go about our daily routines without so much of a word to Him. This is the exact opposite of what should be taking place, as we should be in constant contact with the Lord. When this happens we will be more aware of what He cares about and less worried about what the world thinks. Even if you do not know what to say, or are not eloquent, just be honest and yourself. He is your friend, too. 

5. Keep Going- No matter what, remember to keep your head high and keep going. We will fall, we will sin, we will fail. What matters most is that God can pick us back up and set us on the right path once more. Our mistakes can and will be forgiven and our slate wiped clean. He has the power to redeem us from the penalty of our sins and put us in a new light, a new authority. We can live in the power of the Holy Spirit and live a life free of the chains of sin. So if you trip up, keep going. God has you in His hands. 
Thanks for reading! Please share if this resonated with you as a young or even a more mature Christian. 

3 thoughts on “Living As A Young Christian In A Fallen World

  1. I LOVE these suggestions! They are good for every Christian – not just young Christians. The suggestion about the radio is spot on! I listen to it in the at and it really sets my mood for the day and the best part is hearing my four-year old belt out “My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive!” Music to my soul!

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  2. Thank you for this post. As a young Christian these things are very important to consider. “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy…” he often uses methods we don’t think are harmful at the start. Thank you so much for your post.

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