7 Christian Date Ideas for Young Adults

Dating as a young adult is intimidating and worrisome, especially if you are also a Christian. You don’t want your date to get the wrong idea, but you have special expectations as to what a Christian date should be like. You want to have casual fun while getting to know your date in a safe, yet romantic setting. Below are some great ideas for dates that meet all your standards and have you and your date riding off into the sunset at the end:unnamed


  1. Gather a Group- Reign in some of your closest friends from school, church, or your bible study and go for a friendly group date. This lowers the chance of stress and reduces the tenseness of a first date. You will still be able to learn more about your crush, but in a more casual and fun-filled setting. Try mini-golf or an adventure park to amp up the fun-factor. And remember to listen to your friend’s thoughts on your date. They have a more objective view and care about your happiness. incredible-hulk-coaster-ride-people-a
  2. Chick-Fil-A Brunch- Head to the best Christian fast food chain for a public and delicious date. The background for your conversations is comfortable and familiar. And the food always hits the spot! Eating a meal is a great chance to have your date pray over your food, starting off your prospective relationship with a blessing from God.
  3. A Youth Trip- This is similar to a group date, but may last over a weekend, giving you more time to get to know your date. Praise and worship times can create a faith-filled bond and devotionals are great conversation starters. Use the trip as an opportunity to watch your date be themselves with other people and see how they treat your friends and mentors, which is very important for a budding relationship.
  4. Museums- A trip to a museum or an aquarium is the best way to have a fun time on a first date. There is always something to talk about and not only will you learn about history or marine life or art, but your date as well! Most of these places have a diner to catch a meal, so stay all day if the mood suits you!8359709215_8b8807b917_c
  5. Volunteer- Volunteer work is a great first date more ways than one. Not only can it be fun and good for the soul, but helping others is a wonderful way to spend your time. You also get to see a different side of your date. Are they kind, compassionate, caring? The takeaway of this date not only benefits the two of you, but many others as well!
  6. Take a Hike- Hit the trails for a classic date. Bring some sandwiches and a Bible and have a devotional picnic in a scenic setting, maybe even near a waterfall. Remember the Creator as you see the beauty of His creation in the woods. Bonding together over the glory of God builds your relationship on a steady foundation.12
  7. A Concert- Research online to see when your favorite Christian band is coming to town. Then bring your date along and belt out your favorite songs with your hands raised. Hopefully, they will join in! A concert is a great setting for a casual, praise-filled date and can be really fun if you both know the lyrics. What a great way to connect!unnamed (1)

10 thoughts on “7 Christian Date Ideas for Young Adults

  1. My husband and I went hiking on most of our dates. It’s a great way to spend time together and actually get to know one another. I also love the idea of volunteering together.

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  2. I’m not a fan of concerts but I love things like museums and libraries! Or ballets or musicals! Those are so fun. Or art shows. And my husband and I both enjoy a good open mike.

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