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Why My Blog is Changing

1. Traffic- I have learned recently that I need to settle down on a specific niche and categorize my blog. It was hard to settle down, but the next point tells what happened next.

2. My Heart- The Lord waged battle on my heart. I wanted to do my own thing, even though I was floundering in too broad a theme for a blog. Still, I was stubborn. He had already put this new theme, a Christian blog, on my heart, but I resented putting all my focus on something that not everyone agreed with. Yes, suddenly other’s opinions were affecting my choices. However, an experienced blogger told me I needed to nail in a theme and settle down with it. I was afraid. Is that too much commitment? Yes, but good thing God has enough commitment for the both of us. He has proven to me over and over that if I stay faithful to Him, He will be 10x more faithful to me. I get worried that my blog will not succeed, and this stay-at-home thing will daily exponentially. However, I will remain committed to His will and sovereignty over my life.
So here I am changing my blog to a Christian blog. Not because I thought it would work and make the money I need, but because God can make all things possible. Here we go!

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