Christian · Poetry

Patterns: A Poem on Addiction

I see the patterns written in
your skin
Like scripted grief for all
to see
You sway so clearly on
your feet
You make promises that
always end

I love your soul but not
Your voice
It’s on your breath and in
your eyes
It is somehow you but you are
in disguise
I love your heart but not
Your choice

It doesn’t matter how it
is spelled
I see the end written clear
as day
I cannot find the right words
to say
That my heart has finally
Been felled

Don’t say that you will
ever leave
I have quit too many bad
habits before
Perhaps the problem is at
the core
But the light of day brings
much deceit

Maybe I am meant
to stay
For leaving seems to once
again go
But arise again it shall
I know
And the dark is my final
resting place

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