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How Reading Ruins Your Plans


I am that person. That person that finds a good book and is immediately sucked into the world of non-stop, forget all your plans reading terror. I forget to eat, I put off sleeping, I cancel all scheduled plans until I know what happens to that one character with that devilish smirk.

My friends get worried. My family calls for an exorcist. My husband seriously reconsiders what kind of monster he married as I viciously demand more time alone to read.

 This, I have come to realize, is not good. I admit with a heavy heart that I am one of those people that lets a good book ruin my life until it is finished. Many of you will say the same thing of yourselves. And if you are not confessing your sin then you are in denial.

Let’s be honest, reading can become not only a distraction, but a troublesome life-sucker. Once the first page is flipped all plans go flying out the window at the speed of a closing book. (Let’s pretend you know what actually closing a book is like.) 

It’s time to put a stop to this. Yes, I love reading more than life, but sometimes getting some coffee with your friends is a good thing. Taking the time to wash the dishes prevents flies. And calling your mom isn’t that bad. Well, maybe you can read while she rants…

Either way, life deserves to be enjoyed outside the world of fantasy. Enjoy life, smell the flowers, live because you are alive and will not be forever. I know reading is great and a wonderful way to spend your time. I suggest for more people to spend more time reading. However, books become more enjoyable when you have experienced some of the things being referred to inside them.

Let’s live. And besides, does not absence make the heart grow fonder? 

Below are some ways to help you put the book down and get living:

  1. Schedule Reading Times- And Stick To Them! Set specific times you are allowed to read and the rest of the day spent doing less important things, like chores or doctor’s appointments.
  2. Chapter a Day-Permit yourself to read only a certain amount of pages or chapters a day. Sounds fair.
  3. Value Plans- Perhaps setting limits on reading sounds cruel and unjustified. I understand, but remember to stay true to your plans and go out have some fun. Reading is amazing but life is short. Experience it while you can.

The truth is painful sometimes, but reading can distract us from living. And yes, I love living inside my favorite book. However, there are real, amazing things to enjoy in the physical realm. So let’s get living, my reading obsessed companions!

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