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5 Good Reasons Yoga is For You

Many people are hesitant about delving into the world of yoga, letting the advanced poses on Instagram and spiritual lingo deter them from a journey for the mind and body. However, yoga comes in many forms and can be whatever you make it, if you only take the time to begin.
1. It is for everyone- Though the yogi experts can make you feel little and weak, yoga comes at all levels. Beginners soon gain the technique to perform at the level that fits them best. Also, all ages, from young to old, are able to find a program catered to their abilities. Even better, no equipment is necessary. Though a yoga mat can be helpful it is not required, as a blanket or soft carpet can work just as well. Skip the expensive cycles and weights and roll out your $10 mat for a free YouTube video on yoga, which come by the dozen from men and women of all expertise and personalities. Pick a yogi you enjoy and get to it! Yoga is an exercise that can fit you however you need.
2. It is beneficial to your health- As a workout that has been around for thousands of years, yoga has been found to be the fountain of youth…. or maybe, that’s a stretch (pun intended). However, yoga is in fact healthy for both your mind and body in many ways. It builds strength and tones your body, gives you more flexibility, and high intensity yoga, like vinyasa, can burn calories. Even your balance is improved through a stronger, more connected core. Meditation and breathing exercises are a main focus of yoga practices and help retain a more healthy brain and focused mind. Yoga is an all-around healthful experience that should start being a part of your daily routine.

3. It is “you” time- Busy schedules and jam-packed days can mean spending more time focused on work and your loved ones than ever thinking about yourself. Even if you only have a few minutes, yoga means dedicating time and energy to yourself and what you want out of an exercise. One of yoga’s main focuses is your body and how it feels. If one day you feel sluggish and tired. That is fine. Take it slow and easy. Be kind to your body and consider what is best for it and your mind as well. You matter.

4. It goes off the mat- As yoga is a mind and body practice, its benefits do not end once you step off the mat. As you go about the day, you will notice that you have more energy, more strength, and perhaps even take more notice to the way you move your body. Yoga helps to build you to the best possible you. Mindfulness is also an important part of practicing yoga and will continue to become a part of your life. Being thoughtful and observant of yourself leads to a better outlook on life and may even help you be more productive and successful. Yoga also introduces a more spiritual complex, like chakras and chi, but this is yogi’s choice. Yoga is not a religion, so choose what you want to get out of it and no more. And you’ll see those things helping you throughout the day.

5. It is stress-relieving- Many of you already know how difficult and stressful life is. Daily chores, family drama, and relationships can be a heavy burden to bear. That is why it is so critical to keep in mind the previous things listed. Each one is an aspect of finding peace and tranquility in the hectic mess of life. From a healthier lifestyle to time for yourself, yoga is a major stress reducer and is time you quit sitting on the fence and hop on a mat. Let’s get those poses going!

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