A Dying Man’s Last Monologue

The questions we are afraid to ask are the ones that answer themselves.

Life is a comedian.

It has a funny way of being exactly what we are afraid of it being.

We come into this world dumb and innocent, and then we grow, watching others suffer, adults crying and yelling and we grow fearful.

We stretch out trembling fingers to barely whisper against life, and once we have a taste, we leap.

We fall into suffering, and debt, pain, and divorce, our hopes diminished our fear fed.

Oh, to be young.

Oh, to not know what this world is. But innocence is not bliss.

I wished once to be wise in the ways of this world. To master this ring that is a circus. And enslave it to my every will.

Oh, to think I could do that. To think that I could defeat fate, but the world had its way with me, and life has beat me black and blue.

I would rise onto my feet to be knocked back down again. What a glorious cycle of victory and defeat.

I wish to relive its every moment. But I am leaving this world on a whim.

Im sure I will change my mind, but for now I remain insolent to the end.

I don’t see death for what it is. And I fear to embrace it then.

When I know the fear, when I see the darkness… I will fall in love with life again.

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