Why My Life is No Longer My Own

Part 1 of A Piece of Faith Series

By: Emma Lisle Keetoncross-sunset-silhouette-man-kneeling-knee-pray-1

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. -Galations 2:20


  These are no small words. This verse has big meaning for our lives. To have been crucified with Christ is a matter to take seriously. Let us headen God’s word and be reminded of what our lives are now: no longer ours.

  Recently, this verse has created great ache in my heart. A wonderful, soulful ache. My past has always hardened me, always filled me with regret. It was a dread I could not escape, neither day nor night. My sins seemed too big, my soul too heavy. How on earth could I believe in my salvation? How could God love me, when I could not love myself?

 Then I read Galatians, and a light broke through and suddenly I was awake to what had happened when I was saved. I had died!

 Usually, death is mournful, and painful, and sad, but let us not mourn our deaths. Let’s celebrate! Because when Christ was crucified on that cross, so were our sinful lives. The past that hurt me and made me suffer should no longer cloud my mind. For the person I was then was dead, and I was a new person. My sins hung on a crucifix of wood and should no longer burden me.

 I rejoiced, because out of the ashes of my old self had risen a new soul, which within lived, not me, but Christ. I was a phoenix constructed my God’s mercy. My Lord and Saviour, out of love, died with old self in order to awaken me when I accepted Him. What a beautiful death! What a glorious rebirth!

 Take this news with a glad heart, but also with keen ears. Do you now feel that your life is no longer yours? Do you now see that your choices are not your own? Do you heart Jesus pleading for you to surrender control?

 This becomes troubling. We fight back. We only get one life so we should fight to live it like we want. Right? But to what end? To return to our suffering, over sin and mistakes? It’s hard to give it all up. We want to make our own choices, bad or good, simply because we think we deserve to. To live our own way. Be our own person. Make our own mistakes.

 However, the Son of God gave it all up for us, so it is time to do what He deserves: for us to give it all for Him.  Out of love and mercy, he died to save us and give us a chance to know him and have a relationship with Him, which is the greatest gift of all! It’s time to open ourselves up to HIm, hand over our hearts and minds, and fall on our knees in surrender.

 He will fill you up. He will hold your heart and guide your mind. He will pick you up off you knees and present you to the world as a treasure. We could be a beautiful thing if we only let Christ lead us, and be with us in our every word, thought, and action.

 It’s time for us to do this, to surrender. Not to give up, but to turn our lives our in faith, and put it in the hands of our Lord. I am thankful that through this I can be rid of my sins, and regrets, and be awoken in Christ, who loved me enough to die for me and give me a new life Not mine, but His.

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