A Foundation For Healing


 When it comes to mental illnesses, we are too often unprepared to deal with it, and especially how to heal afterwards. Healing takes time and hardwork, but these four building blocks will help you to build a foundation for a healthier you.

First block: Love Yourself

The first step is  “introspection”, and this means knowing ourselves on an intimate level and being aware of all aspects of your being. As Rumi, a scholar and poet, said, “You are searching the world for treasure, but the real treasure is yourself.” It might sound too good to be true, but I believe we all having something special, like a treasure, within us. So accept these little habits and quirks of yours. They create a beautiful, complex being: You! There is nothing wrong with who you are. Time to begin loving yourself, every part of it. What you think is important, your values mean something, and you are completely deserving of your own love. Stop searching the world, and accept yourself as the treasure you are.

Second Block: Love Your Situation

 This one can sometimes come as hardest. People and circumstances can make this seem impossible. It’s time to change your perspective, and you can do this two ways.

  1. You can decide to feel blessed (or lucky) to have the good things that fill your life. A car, a place to rest your head, food, clothes, family, friends, oxygen… The list is endless. These things are worthy of your thankfulness.
  2. If loving your situation is in fact impossible, being aware of that gives you the opportunity to change it. Take the necessary steps to escape these circumstances that make you unhappy and create new ones. If someone is bringing you down, leave. If your job depresses you, find a better one. Finding your place in the world can bring happiness you did not even know existed. Find out what thing are not what you wanted in life, and be brave enough to change them.

    Third Block: Be Positive

 Walt Whitman once said, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you.” What a brilliant view on positivity! Whitman tells us that when our eyes are focused on good things, and our mind is filled with positive thoughts, the shadows or negativity in our life will fall behind us, meaning we will no longer see it. I feel comforted knowing that I can be the light in my own life. I don’t need anyone to bring a smile to my face. I can do it myself. And so can you.


 Fourth Block: Find Passion

   The definition of passion is “strong and barely controllable emotion.” Having something strong and wild dictate your choices seems scary, but it’s actually necessary for success.   Passion creates within us a vigorous and delightful purpose, especially if aimed towards life itself, and enjoying it. However, being passionate about anything is good for you. You can be passionate in our beliefs, our faith. We can be passionate in our school work or career. Even in our family. Passion changes our viewpoint on life. Passion drives us to new levels. Passion unites us as one. Develop a passion and watch your life soar to incredible heights.

Now take these blocks and build a solid and stable foundation for healing!

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